Blackpoint agency

We know web design and marketing. In fact, we are doing these things our whole live.


We will be honest in our approach to work, and marketing. We will represent ourselves honestly to create the highest value for our customers and friends.


We are taking full responsibility for our work and methods that we are using. We want to create responsible environment where clients can grow along with their business.


Business can be hard and gut-wrenching. That is why our goal is to approach work with passion and to share this with our customers and co-workers.

Our culture

At BlackPoint, we believe that our different backgrounds are our greatest strength. No matter where do you live, what is your background and regardless of your past – you can be a part of our family.

That is exactly why we appreciate who you are now. Because at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

We also strongly believe in honesty, hard work, and passion for great customer service. At BlackPoint we prefer to earn our customer trust, not buy it with cheap tricks and misleading tactics.

If you also believe that everyone is equal – you’ll be a great fit for our company.

Diverse and inclusive culture of BlackPoint Design agency

Mission of BlackPoint

Our mission is simple – to provide everyone with a great tool to let their dream come true. But that is something that every company can write on their website. So there’s more.

We promise our customers to work ethically and in their best interest. We also strive for the education of our customers. And last but not least – we want to make you really happy.

Solving your pain

Design without a purpose is nothing. The same goes for a business website that should address your customer needs and goals. And let me assure you – we know what we’re talking about.

That’s why we call our design and development approach “pain-focused” – because from day one we’re working on achieving your business goals and plans.

That is why our websites are built around strong design with mobile and SEO in mind. All you need to do after our work is done is to promote the website in front of your audience.

Talk with our consultant to learn how we’re doing that.

two womens working together on business issue
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Fully optimized for SEO and digital marketing

In 2020 SEO is more important than ever. Mobile traffic is on the rise and, sadly, most websites on the web are not ready to meet the high requirements of everyday internet users.

Because of that, we have decided to build ALL our websites with speed, mobile traffic and SEO in mind. It does not matter which plan you’ve selected. Even the website from our lowest plan has exceptional SEO, speed and is fully prepared for mobile users.

More than that – if you wish – we will install additional plugins and widgets to your website that will help you generate more leads and built a strong social following.

Now, everything that you need is a great business idea.

Don’t know anything about marketing? No worries – we also provide world-class marketing consulting services for our customers.

Remote Agency answers your needs

We work fully remotely – simple as that. No shiny and expensive office, no coffee machine and no additional cost hidden in your invoice.

Thanks to that approach you can be sure that you’re paying only for the services that we provide.

But there is more to that. Thanks to that approach we can work with the best contractors and freelancers on the market.

Empty desk in remote office of BlackPoint Design agency
Mike Skup - marketing consultant and one of the founders - photo

Our beginnings

We’re a Web Design agency based in Poland and we work for clients from the UK and EU.

Our journey started in 2009 when Michał, our Senior Consultant started to work in the marketing and UX field. After many years of successful consulting business, he decided to start Web Design Agency of his dreams by providing small and medium-sized businesses with websites and SEO that is on par with bigger, better-equipped competitions providing equal chances to all companies.

BlackPoint design agency started in December 2019 focusing on the honesty, equality, and safety of our customers.

We’re currently focusing on three major aspects of any online business: web design, SEO and marketing consulting services.