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Web design pricing

Website maintenance costs

To get the full picture of the costs you must think about several things that are not included in our pricing.

Those things are: custom domain and hosting.

The custom domain may cost you anything from £10 to £100 annually.

WordPress hosting can cost you anything from £10 to £100 monthly.

We do not provide these services in order to give you freedom of choice.

elements of your website


The world’s most popular CMS is the base of all our designs. It’s free, scalable and gives you a full control over your website.


One of the most popular page builders for WordPress offers you a flexible and easy environment to customize our designs.


Full integration with the tools and services to boost your online visibility, engagement and provide you with solid data about customers.

Search engine optimization pricing

content marketing services

As we stated on our website – we are not native English speakers, therefore we cannot offer content creation services that meet our high-quality requirements.

We do not want to offer lower quality services to our clients, so we decided to opt-out of all content creation services.

However, we offer high-quality content creation advice that will help you improve the quality of content on your site.

Our SEO rules

Safe seo

We’re focused on providing services that are safe for our customers. We want to do great job without sacrificing our ethics or our clients safety.

honest seo

We’re honest in our actions and we always speak truth to our clients. We don’t hide issues from customers and are always ready to recommend different solution if needed.

generous seo

We want to over-deliver on our promises and give back to our clients more than their money’s worth. We want to give back great results without asking for anything in return.